How To Remove Wax From Your Burner

Our wax melts last a long time, but even our highly scented segments run out of fragrance eventually.  One question we're frequently asked is "What's the best way to remove the wax from my warmer once it's lost its fragrance?"

Many wax warmers have a glass dish which can be broken if you attempt to remove the wax with a spoon.  Check out our tried and tested ways to a safer and easier solution and enjoy carefree melting...

Tip 1 - Kitchen Towel or Cotton Wool

One of the easiest methods is to heat your wax so it becomes a liquid and then allow it to cool so it's warm but no longer going to burn you.  Then, simply place a sheet of kitchen towel, tissue or cotton wool in the wax and allow it to soak up.  Dispose of the kitchen towel/tissue into a bin.  Wipe away any excess wax and pop in new wax.

Tip 2 - Refrigerate or Freeze

Allow your wax to cool to a solid and then place the glass dish in your fridge or freezer for a short amount of time.  The cold temperature will cause the wax to shrink away from the sides of the dish so you can then just pop it or slide it out!  Place the used wax in a bin and clean the glass dish as normal.  Pop in your new wax.

Tip 3 - Pliability

Warm the wax slightly so that it still remains a solid but becomes more pliable and slippy. Using your thumb, gently push on one edge and the wax should slide out in one go. Wipe away any excess wax and pop in your new wax ready to go!

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