The Nose Knows!

Did you know that our ability to smell comes from what’s known as our ‘olfactory sensory neurons’?  These clever little neurons are found high up in our nose, in a small patch of tissue.  Each neuron has one odour receptor.  When a ‘substance’ eg. a wax melt or a candle, releases its microscopic molecules into the air, these molecules are inhaled through our nose.  Once in the nose, these molecules make their way to the small patch of tissue and bind with our odour receptors.  The receptors then send a signal back to our brain relaying the ‘message’ of hundreds of different molecules.  This signal travels to different areas all over our brain where it is then processed and the smell identified.  Clever huh?

Depending on the smell, depends on how our brain reacts to it!  Smells trigger different memories or emotions for each person.  Some smells can trigger danger and our sense of ‘fight or flight’ response.  Whilst other smells can invoke pleasant, happy memories.  This is why smell is so amazing and powerful!

Whilst everyone’s sense of smell is different, there are some smells that most people tend to agree on – this is why we can use certain smells to help with our wellbeing.  Try using lavender, jasmine or ylang ylang to help calm and relax, or use cinnamon and peppermint fragrances to boost and invigorate.

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