Ultrasonic LED Diffuser



This electric fragrance oil diffuser is perfect for scenting your home with fragrance or essential oils.  Simply fill the diffuser with water and add your drops of oil.
  • 17x14cm Multi
  • LED colour changing diffuser.
  • 7 colour setting, various mist settings. 
  • Auto shut off when water runs dry.
  • USB adapter and plug supplied.
  • How to use
    While the unit is unplugged, remove the decorative outer casing and inner lid. Pour cold tap water into the reservoir, never above the 'MAX' line. Add a few drops of fragrance or essential oil. Reassemble the unit and plug into the mains.  Our LED Diffusers have a variety of settings, some can disperse intermittently, some for a set time, and some have colour changing functionality.  Units will switch off automatically when the reservoir is empty.  
    How to care for your diffuser:
    Refresh the water regularly.
    Clean the reservoir with a soft damp cloth.
    Gently clean around the ceramic disc with a cotton bud.
    Ensure all pieces are assembled securely before use.
    Never fill over the 'MAX' line.
    Only use cold tap water.

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